Anti-virus & malware support in York

Anti-virus & malware support in York

Viruses and malware — almost all of us will be able to attest to the incredible damage they can cause to your home PCs and laptops.

By choking their performance, viruses can sometimes make your home devices unusable.

There’s also a cyber-security risk, with the theft of bank details and passwords a growing problem. There are many examples of people having their data held to ransom by cyber criminals.

So, why not give yourself peace of mind? With IT4Home’s leading real time anti-virus and anti-malware support, your family can enjoy healthy, high-performance, completely secure home devices.

Enlist IT4Home for home PC and laptop anti-virus and malware support in York and all nearby areas of East, West and North Yorkshire.

To keep your tech protected and in tip-top shape, get in touch through our website or phone 0330 3800 100.

Prevention is the best defence...

When it comes to home PC and laptop anti-virus and anti-malware support, prevention is better than cure.

As leaders in home PC and laptop anti-virus and malware support, we know better than most the immense damage that these nefarious, complex computer programs can cause.

They work very much like regular human viruses, multiplying and inserting their code into all of your programs, modifying and damaging your system. Once a virus runs amok, it can...

As such, prevention is the best form of defence. Give yourself peace of mind with IT4Home’s dedicated real time anti-virus and anti-malware support.

Our leading service helps to detect all threats for you, harnessing cutting-edge cloud-based monitoring platforms. What this means — once our team has installed your anti-virus and anti-malware software, we can keep an eye on your computer’s health and proactively combat any threats.

Have one less thing on your mind. Go about everyday business whilst our anti-virus software quietly and efficiently keeps your PC safe from any and all external threats.

Even if a virus does manage to sneak in — which they often do — benefit from being instantly notified by the IT4Home team, whilst we quickly get to work on dealing with any infected files or other potential damage caused.

For dynamic home PC & laptop anti-virus and malware support in York, Leeds, Harrogate, Hull and all nearby areas of Yorkshire, look no further than IT4Home.

Viruses, malware and ‘ransomware’ — an ever-present, increasingly sophisticated risk

Cyber criminals are always trying to get ahead of the curve, creating new threats to benefit themselves. One of the latest is ‘ransomware’ — once this infects your device, it is able to encrypt files and render your data unreadable.

Then, you guessed it, hackers often demand a financial sum in return for the encryption code.

Like all other viruses, ransomware is able to infiltrate a device fairly easily, possibly by clicking an unknown link or infected attachment. Prime targets are almost always home computer users who lack adequate protection.

Don’t let this be you.

Our leading anti-virus and anti-malware software protects effectively against encryption-based threats like ransomware. Our proactive monitoring ensures we’re always on top of the latest and most sophisticated threats.

If a virus does strike your device, rest assured that we’ll be onto it in a flash.

To talk to us about anti-virus and anti-malware protection in York and all nearby areas of Yorkshire, get in touch on 0330 3800 100 or drop us a line.

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