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Computers need looking after too

You know how you sometimes feel tired, sluggish and rundown – like you’re just not performing as well as you could? Computers get like that, too.

It’s hardly surprising, given the huge amount of tasks computers have to deal with – plus over time they can get overloaded with programs, software and files. No wonder they start working less efficiently.

When your computer seems very slow, sounds noisy or takes a mega-long time to start up or shutdown, it could be a sign that it’s struggling. You don’t have to trade it in for a new one, though – just give it to us for a health check.

With an IT4Home health check, we give your computer a thorough IT medical to see how it’s doing. We’ll check your PC or laptop for things like memory, storage and processing, look at how many applications you’ve got, what’s going on with Windows, whether your hardware is all in order – plus all sorts of other IT checks to help us assess your computer’s health.

Take a look at what our computer service involves...

While our health check is all about assessing how your computer’s doing, our service is the bit where we fix any problems we find – pretty much like a car or boiler service, really.

During a computer service, we’ll tinker around to do things like:-

All the repairs we make will help optimise performance, making your PC run faster and more efficiently. During a computer service, we can also flag up whether you need any hardware or software upgrades as well as advise you on anti-virus and anti-malware protection

We recommend you have a health check and computer service once a year. It’s a cost-effective way of maintaining your computer – and definitely a whole lot cheaper than forking out for a new one!

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Here’s what it costs...

Charges (including VAT):

For computer repairs, get in touch on 0330 3800 100 or drop us a message

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Did you know?

Major causes of broken computers are malware and viruses.

We include anti-malware and anti-virus software in our membership package


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