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Home IT repair & support services in York

We all rely on technology and high-speed internet connectivity as much as ever.

Are you a home worker? Enjoying smart TV on-demand streaming services? Kids doing homework on their laptops or using games consoles?

Fast-running devices and stable, quality internet is essential for modern family life.

So, when all this technology doesn’t appear to work, it can be really inconvenient and stressful.

That’s where IT4Home comes in!

From device repairs to WiFi and anti-virus support, we’re here to give you one less thing to worry about. Our prompt, professional IT experts have vast experience in diagnosing and resolving all types of home IT problems.

Whether it’s dodgy devices or connectivity concerns, our turn-key service is designed for people who need a helping hand in getting all their home’s tech running as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Don’t worry, we’ve seen it all.

If you need home IT repair and support services in York, Leeds or throughout Yorkshire — as well as further afield for remote help — get in touch with our friendly team of tech experts.

Prompt, professional home IT repair and support services in York, Leeds and throughout the Yorkshire region.

Computer and laptop repairs

From corrupt files to crashing computers or printers that won’t play ball, we fix all kinds of PC problems.

Maybe you’re low on memory or your laptop’s got a broken socket. Perhaps it’s as simple as an accident involving your keyboard and a cup of tea! Maybe you’re growing weary of slow start-up speeds.

Whether it’s hardware failure, a damaged component, a virus attack or something else, one of our friendly IT4Home engineers will get to the root of the problem and have it fixed in no time.

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Health check and service

Save yourself the expense of buying a new PC. We can give all your home devices a thorough health check and service to keep them performing excellently.

In this thorough examination, we’ll check how your computer is doing and carry out the necessary surgery — things like cleaning up the operating system, getting rid of unwanted applications and installing driver updates.

In just a couple of hours, you’ll have a speedier, perkier PC that feels like it’s brand-new out of the box.

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Anti-virus & malware support

Viruses and malware have been a feature of the IT world for decades — and they’re growing more sophisticated and menacing.

Once they’ve crept into your computer they can cause havoc — replicating themselves, corrupting files, damaging your data and leaving you open to cyber attack.

Take all this worry away with IT4Home’s dynamic real time anti-virus and anti-malware support service. Our cloud-driven platform allows us to monitor and keep safe your devices from our York headquarters.

The moment we spot a suspicious virus or nasty piece of malware, we can nip it in the bud. Your anti-virus IT superheroes, keeping your devices in tip-top shape — if you like!

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Wifi & internet

Where would you be without the internet or WiFi?

Now that’s a scary question, particularly nowadays. An unstable connection, a weak signal, a WiFi black spot — all things that can bring your IT grinding to a halt.

From setting up broadband to configuring wireless routers and sorting out signalling conflicts, we have the IT expertise to diagnose problems and fix them as soon as humanly possible — so you’re not off the radar for long.

We all depend on a quality, reliable connectivity more than ever. Give yourself that guarantee by enlisting the IT4Home experts.

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We provide leading home IT repair and support services in York, Leeds and all areas of Yorkshire.
If you need an IT4Home expert to help, call us on 0330 3800 100 or drop us a line

We can help with...

Whatever the problem you have with your Mac or PC, IT4Home’s expert IT engineers are on hand. From hardware upgrades and replacements, software issues, anti-virus, overheating problems, all-in-one screen replacements, keyboard queries and much more, we’ve got the solution. Sounds great. Get in touch
From broken screens and faulty batteries to spillage repairs and charger port problems and much more, there’s nothing to do with a laptop or MacBook that the IT4Home team can’t solve. Sounds great. Get in touch
Are you getting the most out of your phone? The IT4Home team can help you to optimise your smartphone experience, teaching you about 4G, backup, deletion, cloud storage, all kinds of apps and more — as well as helping with all repairs, of course! Sounds great. Get in touch
Whether broken screens, charger ports, back up, updates, network configuration, data restoration or something else, our team of friendly tech experts will ensure your tablet is tip-top. Sounds great. Get in touch
Games Consoles
From connectivity problems and speed issues to repairs and fixes, the IT4Home team knows all there is to know about getting consoles working at peak performance — so you can game on in style! Sounds great. Get in touch
Smart TVs
Smart TV apps and online video streaming services are all the rage, but installation and setup prove quite complicated. Sit back and relax whilst the IT4Home team takes all of the stress out. Sounds great. Get in touch

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