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In Yorkshire and having tech troubles?

Leave it to the friendly, reliable experts at IT4Home.

We help home-based customers in York and Yorkshire with PC, computer and laptop repairs, internet issues, WiFi worries and all manner of other tricky techie stuff.

Computer on go-slow? Corrupted or missing files? WiFi playing up?

Whether you’ve got a broken PC, connectivity concerns or the dreaded blue screen, our friendly engineers can tinker away to repair your devices.

In fact, the majority of tech troubles can be solved by our team remotely — ensuring you’re back enjoying your home IT in no time at all.

Whether pay-as-you-go or a money-saving membership, IT4Home is there for all expert home PC, computer and laptop repair services in York and throughout East, West and North Yorkshire.

Enjoy a simple, stress-free and high-performance IT home experience.

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Solving connectivity concerns in Yorkshire

Speedy, reliable internet and WiFi is as important for families as it’s ever been. Put it this way — when your connection drops out, you’ll be aware of it pretty quickly!

At IT4Home, we know all there is to know about securing top-notch connectivity for your home. Whether it’s hunting out WiFi-friendly zones, boosting limp signals or dealing with dodgy routers, you name it, we’ve seen it before — and we’ll sort it.

Moving house in the Yorkshire area? We can advise and assist on all aspects of setup to ensure your home has the best quality connectivity there is.

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Protecting against viruses and malware

Often, when a home PC, computer or laptop breaks down, viruses and malware are culpable. They can wreak untold damage — corrupting or deleting important files, or just diminishing the speed and performance of our devices.

At IT4Home, we provide our customers in Yorkshire with cyber security peace of mind.

It’s as much about prevention as it is cure — with our Care Plans, we provide all your devices with cutting-edge, proactive cloud-based anti-virus and anti-malware software.

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Keeping your home IT fresh

We breathe new life into your trusty old devices.

There are many reasons why your home PC or laptop might be on a bit of a ‘go slow’ — and the friendly experts at IT4Home will be able to diagnose precisely why and solve the problem.

If you’re thinking your devices are in need of replacement, an IT4Home health check and service might be all that’s needed.

We have decades of experience providing Yorkshire home customers’ devices with the TLC they need to perform quickly, efficiently and effectively.

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Our engineers are raring to go...

Solving all your home tech troubles is what our friendly, experienced team of technicians do for a living. Trust us, we’ve seen everything.

Whatever your problem — whether you need one-off help or want peace of mind with a money-saving home IT membership package — we’re only a phone call away at 0330 3800 100.

For home PC, computer and laptop repair services in York and all surrounding areas of Yorkshire — Leeds to Harrogate, Ripon to Hull and Selby to Scarborough — drop us a line today.

We can help with...

PCs & Macs
Our experts are used to helping with all kinds of PC or Mac issues, including software reinstalls, hardware upgrades and replacements, and malware and anti-virus protection. We’re here to assist with over-heating issues, keyboard problems, and all-in-one (AIO) screen replacements too! Whatever problem you encounter, we’re always here to help.Sounds great. Get in touch
Laptops & MacBooks
Be sure your laptop or MacBook is always safe and sound with us! Amongst other things, we can replace broken screens, repair damages caused by spillage, and fix/replace broken charger ports. We can also assist with software reinstallation and upgrades (including anti-virus and malware), keyboard and battery replacements, and any overheating issues.Sounds great. Get in touch
Worried you’re not utilising your smartphone’s full potential? Well, we can help! We can teach you and your family how to download, install, and use all kinds of apps, connect to WiFi and 4G networks, back-up and update your smartphone – plus, we can replace broken screens, so all you have to do is sit back and relax...Sounds great. Get in touch
Need help configuring your tablet to work with WiFi or 4G? Or perhaps you need to set up emails on your new tablet? That’s what we’re here for! We can also repair broken screens, help with backing-up and updating your tablet, restoring your data to a new tablet and any other general usage or set-up advise you might need.Sounds great. Get in touch
Games Consoles
Can’t wait to play? We can get your games console up and running in no time. We can assist with all kinds of issues including connecting to WiFi and broadband, internet speed and performance issues, and updating your console. We can also advise on problems from the manufacturer’s end, so you can get back to enjoying your free time.Sounds great. Get in touch
Smart TVs
You don’t have to worry your new TV is too smart for you! We’re here to set-up and install your new TV from start to finish. We will get it up and running on the internet and/or Wifi and show you and your family how all the applications work. No more worries for you!Sounds great. Get in touch

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